Brief Thoughts On Task Management

No task management means you’re completely interrupt driven. Whatever email arrives or whoever stops by your office always gets first priority. A lot of bosses will reward you and promote you for this because you’re reacting to their every whim, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best for the company. No task management means you’re not working on anything that’s important yet not urgent (at least not yet). There’s no goal-oriented, strategic thinking there. [Read More]

Phonetic Alphabet Cheat Sheet

Below is a quick cheat sheet I made up to help out when I was on the phone with people. Inevitably you have to either read off an account number or spell out some weird URL and run into a conversation like this: Tech Support: Please read off your account number Me: k, 005V345 Tech: Thank you, I have that as 005B345 Me: No, that’s V as in Victor not B as in Bravo [Read More]