Currently Reading

  • Finite and Infinite Games - Carse - kinda trippy and deep, wasn’t prepared for the book to be quite like this
  • Modern Concurrency in Swift Second Edition - Kodeco Team - great overview of async/await and the benefits

Just Finished

  • The Staff Engineer’s Path - Tanya Reilly - Great book, there’s a lot there and was great fodder for the work book club
  • Piranesi - Susanna Clarke - great book, so atmospheric and a great ending too.
  • The Great Mental Models Vol 3 - Fantastic book - this one was about math and systems models and was much more consumable than Vol 1 which I’m still digesting and internalizing.


  • Antifragile


  • The Expanse - just finished it - this is some great epic sci-fi - time for the spin off!
  • The Peripheral - Also great sci-fi, makes me wish I read the books first
  • House MD - this is my washing dishes show so it’s taking a while, I’m on the last season (it’s also from the time when TV seasons had 24 episodes 😱)

Working On

  • A better SEPTA app focused on regional rail. My goal is to having something out this quarter for a portfolio project.

Last Updated: 2024-01-16

Inspired by Derek Sivers