Taming Nightstand Device Charging

Like most modern-day geeks I have too many devices that need to be recharged regularly. The constant accumulation of new wall warts has turned into this situation next to my nightstand:

Powerstrip with all the wall warts

I decided to use one of the new desktop USB chargers to get this mess of cords cleaned up.


Having it sitting onto of my nightstand really didn’t solve the problem so where’s what I did.

Materials List

First attach the charger to the back of your nightsand using a 3M strip. You’ll have to figure out the best height for your cord lengths:


Attach Charger

I used a USB extension I already had laying around for my Fitbit charging cord since so short:

USB Extension

Slot the cords through the Quirky Cordie:


Plug it all in:


And here’s the final product, much neater. The extra cord length drapes down the back along with my surge protector:


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