How to install and use Homebrew from your home directory

I just got a Macbook Pro at work. So far I like it a lot but I ran into the problem that I’m not an admin (and the permissions on /usr/local/ were completely locked down) on it and I wanted to be able to install Homebrew tools whenever I felt like it.

First, clone Homebrew into your home directory:

    cd $HOME
    git clone

Next, add Homebrew to your path (your syntax might be different if you’re not using bash):

    export PATH=${HOME}/homebrew/bin:${PATH}

Now test, I installed tmux, MacVim and tree (shows a nice hierarchical view of a database structure):

    brew install tree

Phonetic Alphabet Cheat Sheet

Below is a quick cheat sheet I made up to help out when I was on the phone with people. Inevitably you have to either read off an account number or spell out some weird URL and run into a conversation like this:

Tech Support: Please read off your account number

Me: k, 005V345

Tech: Thank you, I have that as 005B345

Me: No, that’s V as in Victor not B as in Bravo

Now I keep this next to the phone so I don’t have to think of a word that clearly begins with V.

Source: NATO phonetic alphabet – Wikipedia